Newcastle to Amsterdam

Newcastle to Amsterdam

Newcastle’s port of Tyne rose in popularity due to the ship building during the Industrial Revolution, but after the decline in the industry, the port is now used primarily to run large ferries to and from the European mainland. That means that for Geordies or people in the northern reaches of England can get Europe for an affordable rate.

The ferry landing is situated at North Shields and is accessible from Newcastle City Centre by taxi, bus or Metro. It’s on the major route from the north and the east, and is easy to find. As you can take your car aboard DFDS Ferries, and if you have European insurance, then you can take your car on holiday with you and have yet more freedom on your travels.

Newcastle to Amsterdam is a popular route for many, and it’s not just those that have a fear of flying either. Going to Holland’s most popular and vibrant city is something that millions of tourists partake in every year and as there are regular ferry crossings with DFDS Ferries that head to Ijumiden which is near to Amsterdam. This is a popular route for stag parties, hen parties, general holidaymakers and businesspeople too.

Taking the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam is something of an event in itself. DFDS Ferries have a myriad of resources, features and facilities to keep you entertained. Although the trip takes longer than it does to fly or even drive, there is a laid-back attitude to this type of travelling that makes it all the more appealing. With flying or driving, there is a lot of hassle and it can dilute the fun that you’re meant to be having on your holiday to Holland.

Heading from North Shields, the ferry heads east and south towards Europe, and on a clear day you can see the land slowly approaching. Whether it’s at night, and you can see the sparkling lights of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, or through the day and you’re out on deck watching the land become closer, it’s a fascinating sight and the first of many during your Dutch holiday. Amsterdam is packed full of surprises, from the windmills to the tulip fields, or the stunning canals and the swanky restaurants and boutique designer shops; you’re bound to find something to take your breath away during the trip.

This is why so many people feel it’s much more of an enjoyable atmosphere and start to a holiday if you take the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry. DFDS Ferries have a long and illustrious reputation in providing the very best facilities on board and take care of all of your needs. As the trip can take 10-12 hours, you can relax and watch the scenery, head to the gaming areas, enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants or grab a few hours’ sleep in a cabin. One thing is for sure, once you see the mainland approaching the excitement builds for the next chapter of your holiday to Holland.