Amsterdam sightseeing

Amsterdam Sightseeing

Amsterdam is a stunning city and is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. With so much to do and so many things to see, all housed in a quirky and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder it attracts so many tourists each year. While the reputation for its lively night-life precedes it, there are lots of grand festivals, tours and cultural aspects that are just as impressive.

Flea Markets and Designer Boutiques
If you’re after some designer clothes then head for Nine Street’s designer boutiques. From Prada and Gucci, to Armani and Versace, you have the world’s greatest designers located on one street.

On the other end of the scale, the Flea Markets in Amsterdam are ideal to pick up a bargain or two. The markets have been part of Holland’s history for hundred of years, and in particular Amsterdam has some of the finest. Rummage through and find household goods, toys, odd sculptures and artworks, and pretty much anything else.

The Night-life
People from all over the world vote that Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant and fun cities for night-life. With casinos, fine dining restaurants, music shows, discos and parties, there is a never-ending barrage of fun things to do during your stay. Of course, the red light district is very popular with many people, as are heading to the more peaceful areas at Noordwijk Beach and Strand West Beach.

Tulip Season

These spectacular flowers fill the fields just out of the city centre and go for miles and miles. The vibrant colours, the history and culture of the flower make it one of the most unique aspects of Amsterdam to see.

World War II Memories

Amsterdam played a huge role in the war and as a result, there are many museums and memorials dedicated to it. There is the Anne Frank House, the Dutch National Museum and the Jewish Historical Museum, that are all fascinating to see.

Cannabis Cafés

Apart from tulips and canals, cannabis cafés are generally associated with Amsterdam and if you’d like to relax your way through an afternoon, then head to the cafés where you can buy space cakes, coffee and various drinks that are lined with cannabis. Many of the cafés have art work that showcases local artists’ work and are generally “self-expression” pieces that are very intriguing.

Bicycle Rides

Unless you go via the canals, bicycles are the main way to get around the stunning city. Hire a map and a bike and meander through the streets, stopping to take photos and see the whole of the inner city in just a few hours. It’s one of the most pleasurable ways to travel around on a city break.

Canal Tours

With 165 canals that wind their way through the city, you can take guided canal boat tours on them and see the city from another angle. The canal belt is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with dinner cruises, themed tours or private boats to hire you can make the most of your time on what is one of the world’s most stunning features.