Ferry to Amsterdam

Ferry to Amsterdam
As Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe, thanks to the abundance of activities, festivals, sights, sounds and cultural delights it has on offer, getting there can be just as exciting. Many people fly to Schipol Airport but others find that it’s cheaper and more of an experience when they get on the ferry to Amsterdam.

The ferry to Amsterdam is an event in itself, as it has restaurants, gaming areas, cinemas and bars, as well as the excitement of seeing mainland Europe spread out in front of you. Ferries to Amsterdam are available from Newcastle, Hull and London, and are allow a laid-back way of travelling. There are less security checks and stringent procedures with a ferry ride, and it’s just an easy way of getting to the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

The city is packed with many attractions and things to do, such as museums, cafés, the red light district, canal rides and huge array of shopping opportunities that millions of tourists flock there every year, and many from the UK. Getting on the ferry to Amsterdam does take longer than a flight but there is something about the sea air that adds a special feeling about the trip. As the travelling is cheaper than other forms, it means it fits the bill for many of us looking to cut back and ease the costs of holidays.

City breaks are seen to be taking over the beach holidays of the Mediterranean, mainly due to the fact that there is less over-crowding of tourists and each European city has its own unique features and fascinating aspects about it. Amsterdam is one of those cities that you could visit over and over again, and still be deeply impressed with the sheer amount of richness and culture it has. From a diverse range of restaurants that showcase cuisine from around the world to the liberal atmosphere of the coffee bars, and the smattering of art galleries and museums make it a fascinating place to go to.

If you take the ferry to Amsterdam, your holiday begins the moment you step aboard, rather than when you land on Dutch soil as you would taking a flight there. The travelling is just as fun and filled with interesting people and things to do as your destination is, and it’s for that reason that many people from the UK prefer to take the ferry to Amsterdam. Driving, taking the train and flying seem a little anodyne after you’ve experienced the ferry journey and as Amsterdam isn’t matched by any other city in Europe for the quirkiness then a ferry trip fits the whole ethos and atmosphere you get when heading to the Netherlands.

When you want to experience a full and rounded offering from mainland Europe, and see Holland’s true colours, then take a ferry to Amsterdam and start your holiday immediately. The ferry is packed with things to keep you entertained and a slower way of travelling builds anticipation and excitement which makes you enjoy the trip all the more.